We have to always be realistic because we can’t expect to hit 1 million in sales with the first advertising campaign we run . Advertising campaigns must be measurable to check if the goals were achieve and must be improve or if the goals we wante were not achieve. Campaign performance when developing an advertising campaign budget. It is necessary to examine past advertising campaigns and verify the effectiveness of their results. This way we can calculate whether our investments are actually effective. Or if there is some way to optimize resources and improve results. Thanks to this. We were also able to visualize a the new budget for our campaign would be.


Don’t worry if this is your first time budgeting. You can use this advice for your next event . Set goals for each activity through the previous points. We have analyze the nees of the company and the actions to be taken for it. So we can intuitively know a we should not spend money on and a we can try to invest in to obtain the desire results. At this point . We must also define a we want to achieve with the advertising campaign we are going to do . For example: we may want to promote a new product. Increase service sales. Promote a brand. Etc.


On which channels research campaigns are performe advertising campaigns can be carrie out through different channels. Such as traditional channels (tv. Radio. Newspapers) or more popular channels (social networks. Blogs. Websites) . Prices vary greatly from one meium to another. And we must consider which is the most effective channel when budgeting for our advertising campaigns. For example. If our target audience is a younger audience. We should consider investing in google ads or social meia. But if our target audience is a more mature audience. We should consider a tv advertising campaign. Advertising campaign budget analyze competitor behavior in order to optimize the budget of your advertising campaign. It is necessary to understand a your competitors are doing. How much they are investing and the channels through which they are advertising.

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