Promotion strategy this type of campaign has a double-ege sword. Which is why we have to fully investigate the market response before launching it. Do you have enough inventory to meet demand. Are you financially solvent enough to give away your product. If the answer is yes. Continue. Leverage the appeal of social networks social networks are one of the most use meia in marketing and promotional strategies. As they have become the perfect platform to showcase products and specific offers. Especially stories on certain platforms such as instagram or facebook . In this sense. It is common to run influencer campaigns in order to present a familiar face to users. Advising them on the perfect solution they nee .


That is . If you want to promote the latest deal on baby diapers. Showing maternal presence on social networks will generate trust and widespread traffic. Promotion example build engagement with private sales we all love to be a part of something. And that’s where we can leverage our brand’s community or private club. For example. If el corte ingl├ęs wante to announce a new exclusive premium service . It could leverage its registere customers to offer them the chance to be the only beneficiaries. How to do this. The most common is to use our user database to launch advertising campaigns .


Email marketing. Guarantee results! Let customers try the product a if users try the product before buying it. Just like free promotional stuff will always have greater appeal to our audience . Free samples will have a similar effect. We thought: if it doesn’t cost me anything. Why shouldn’t I try this new product. If we take this to the next level. We can use it in sales packages to pair with other types of products. If you purchase a new range of hair care products. We will provide you with a free shampoo sample. Product promotion strategy unique and exclusive events a do customers think about when they can experience our products exclusively. First. They feel important; second. They believe that a they buy is special and they can never get it again .

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