We nee to create a sense of urgency. This promotional strategy is also a way to unify all previous recommendations. For example. If you sell a selection of the best quality hams. You could set up a sales stall at national fairs or supermarkets. Promote it on social networks. And offer free samples for potential customers to try. And all this with a unique offer! Are you aware of all the possibilities of promotional strategies in marketing. Now it is your turn! Try the technique that best suits your nees. And keep reading on our blog for other types of techniques to increase sales for your business at the end of the year.


We will wait for you! It’s important to know the instagram mistakes to avoid so that your social meia strategy can help you achieve your goals . New attack according to expansión newspaper. The epidemic has cause the use of social networks to increase by 27% compare with last year . And in spain. 69% of internet users use instagram every day . Taking this data into account. Today. If you are not present on social networks. You effectively do not exist. Yes. I know. It sounds harsh. But having your business in the instagram showcase is key to gaining visibility and creating your own brand image.


Tips for growing on instagram are you intereste in learning about instagram mistakes you should avoid . Please read on! Don’t optimize your biography your instagram bio is your brand’s cover letter. Optimize it right! Of all the instagram mistakes you can make . I recommend fixing this one as soon as possible . Links to your website. Blog. Etc. This is key to showcasing your brand’s personality and delivering interesting information to your targets. There’s no doubt that first impressions matter on instagram . Use a single format given the spee of updates of this social network and the number of formats available for creating content. It is normal for you to make these types of mistakes on instagram and not take advantage of all the formats that the application offers us.

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