I recommend that you combine all formats and every time a new format comes along. Research it and make the most of it . Currently. With the latest instagram algorithm update for 2021. The forms that gain the most reach are those that generate the most interaction. According to the hootsuite blog . Therefore. In your social meia strategy. It is very important that you place a high priority on carousels and reels of source content and not abandon videos or images to avoid saturating your audience. Furthermore. You must have an effective strategy for your stories with interactive. Interesting content. Using all interactive stickers to grab the user’s attention. Which will increase engagement and provide you with greater visibility .


 Regardless of the fee. An aesthetically pleasing fee on instagram is one of the most relevant elements that determines whether a user will ultimately follow your account. Just like usability on the website . This social network is very intuitive and therefore important. But why can’t you ignore these types of mistakes on instagram . Think that in just a few seconds. Users will see your profile at a glance. And whether it is attractive to them or not will influence their decision. Additionally. This not only helps you have a good aesthetic but also a solid digital image . Buy followers of all the instagram mistakes you can make . Which one can do the most damage to your account. Without a doubt. Buy followers.


 By doing this for your account. You risk the app’s main goal. Which is to create a loyal community to interact with and for you to gain notoriety. There are countless reasons why you shouldn’t have fake followers on your account. I’ll explain some of them to you: you won’t be able to increase your engagement: the main reason you shouldn’t buy followers is because these are not real users. But bots that don’t interact and therefore won’t help you grow . You might lose your account: it’s important to know that instagram will detect fake accounts and delete them. So if you’ve ever considere buying followers. I wouldn’t recommend it.

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