Using bots in this app is illegal and may get you into trouble for violating instagram policies and conditions . Your brand creibility will be at risk: if someone questions the origin of your followers. Your account could be expose and impact your online reputation. Not using hashtags correctly you must have wondere at one time or another how many hashtags you should use for your publication . Therefore. We want to help you address your concerns so that you can start using them correctly. First. Do you know a hashtags are and a they are use for. Hashtags are keywords that allow you to get closer to users who are actually intereste in the topic of your content.


This is a great opportunity to generate mutual benefits between your brand and your goals. So. If you are one of those people who think that these methods are useless or always use the same methods. Then I will leave you with some tips that you cannot forget when developing your strategy. Use hashtags that define an image. Department. Or product. And combine them with some hashtags create by your company . Don’t go for those very popular photos. Your photo will appear in that section for less time because in a second. Another photo with the same tag may appear and have better engagement.


For this strategy. Exceeing is just as bad as falling short. Instagram allows you to write up to 30 hashtags per post . Take advantage of it! My recommendation is to use 11 to 30 tags per post . Those publications with 11 or more typically receive over 80% of the interactions. Don’t keep repeating the same things . Don’t engage with your community one of the most common instagram mistakes is not following your community. If you have a business account with thousands of followers on this social network and you neglect engagement. Then let me tell you. You will not gain the trust of your followers.

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