Engagement is the soul of social networks. Instagram was create as a social network designe to generate virtual communities. Therefore. You must take the time to answer comments. Follow users who have a relationship with your account. And ask them questions that lead to them interacting with your account. Whether it’s through a call-to-action on your post in a story or a poll . Your community is everything on instagram because with this. You’ll get feeback that leads to more website visits. Newsletter subscriptions. Leads. And ultimately sales. Lack of consistency and planning having an account with a small amount of content isn’t going to help you reach the scope you want . Right. There’s nothing better than creating a publishing calendar to consistently and planfully achieve your goals on this social network.


You may be wondering. Why is it so important to create an eitorial calendar. You will be able to organize your content strategically. You will keep your instagram update and actively posting . You will increase your productivity . You will create high-quality content. Don’t use strong passwords the main method of security on social networks is your password. Most users don’t spend enough time thinking about strong passwords because their priority is making them easy to remember. To prevent your account from being hacke. It is recommende that you avoid such mistakes on instagram . New attack therefore. It is recommende that you use a password manager; these types of tools are a digital safe that encrypts and stores your login creentials and creit card details. Generates passwords. And autofills them.


It helps you organize and remember them so you don’t have to. So you can always have them on hand! Furthermore. To protect your account. Not only a strong password is enough. Facebook also recently offere two-step authentication . By activating this option. When you log in. In addition to your password. You will be aske to enter an access code. Which will be sent to you via sms or a deicate application. This step is crucial to protect your account from any threats. Don’t work with influencers are you not considering the number of influencers when developing your social meia strategy . Mistake! We increasingly consider the opinions of influencers when purchasing new products because it boosts our confidence.

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