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A Comprehensive Guide to Romanian Phone Numbers

In modern society, phone numbers are an important bridge connecting people. Whether it is business contact or personal communication, it is essential to understand the format and usage rules of a country’s phone numbers. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of Romania’s phone number system to help you better master how to make and receive calls in Romania.

Overview of Romania
Romania is a country located in Southeast Europe with a rich history and diverse cultural landscape. From the bustling capital Bucharest to the picturesque Transylvania, each region has its own unique charm. With the rise of international business and tourism, more and more people need to understand Romania’s phone number system.

Romanian Phone Number Structure

Romanian phone numbers usually consist of 10 digits, and the specific format depends on whether the phone number is a landline or a mobile phone.

Landline Phone Numbers
Romanian landline phone numbers start with an area code, which is usually 3 or 4 digits, followed by a 6 or 7-digit local number.

For example:

Bucharest landline number: 021 1234567
Cluj-Napoca landline number: 0264 123456
Mobile phone numbers
Romanian mobile phone numbers usually start with “07” followed by an 8-digit number. Different mobile operators may have different prefixes, but “07” is the universal prefix.

For example:

0741 123 456
0723 456 789
International dialing in Romania
In order to make international calls to Romania, you need to know how to dial correctly. The international dialing code for Romania is +40. This international dialing code is necessary no matter which country you are calling from.

How to make calls to Romania
International dialing prefix: First, enter the international dia free business phone number app ling prefix for your country (for example, to call Romania from the United States, you need to enter 011 first).
Romania international dialing code: Then enter Romania’s international dialing code +40.
Area code and phone number: Finally, enter the area code and phone number for Romania.
Common Romanian phone number prefixes
Romanian phone number prefixes can help identify the type of call and where it’s coming from. Here are some common prefixes and their uses:

Landline prefixes:

021: Bucharest
0264: Cluj-Napoca
0256: Timisoara
0232: Ia┼či
Mobile prefixes:

0741: Orange network
0723: Vodafone network
0766: Telekom network
Steps to call Romania
Calling Romania from abroad
Enter the international dia A Guide to Writing Plagiarism-Free Blog Posts ling prefix: 011 if calling from the United States.
Enter Romania’s international area code: +40 for example.
Enter the area code and phone number: 21 123 4567 for Bucharest.
The full format is: 011 + 40 + 21 + 1234567.

Calling within Romania

Calling a local landline:

Enter the area code and local number directly. For example, to call Bucharest, enter 021 123 4567.
To call a local mobile phone:

Enter the mobile number directly. For example, to call a mobile phone, enter 0741 123 456.
Emergency numbers in Romania
In case of an emergency, it is essential to know the local emergency number. In Romania, all emergencies can be reached by dialing 112 to contact the police, fire department or ambulance. This number is universal throughout the European Union.

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Knowing the Romanian phone number system is essential for both international and local communication. Whether you are planning to visit Romania or need to keep in touch with contacts in Romania, knowing the format and dialing rules of these phone numbers will make your communication smoother and more efficient.


1. I need to call the emergency number in Romania, what should I do?
The emergency number in Romania is 112, which is for police, fire and medical emergencies.

2. How many digits are there in Romanian phone numbers?
Romanian phone numbers are usually 10 digits long, including the area code and the local number.

3. How do I distinguish between landlines and mobile phones in Romania?
Landlines usually start with an area code (such as 021, 0264, etc.), while mobile phones start with “07”.


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With the above information and optimization strategies, this article aims to help you better understand and use the Romanian phone number .

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