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They also encourage people to spend more time on your site. Going back to the medical technology example, if you have an awesome video in addition to text on your site, people will likely spend a lot of time reading and watching your content. Engaging, relevant video content will also help to increase dwell time on your site — the time people spend on your pages before returning to the SERPs.

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You have the chance to enhance what you already telegram data have and engage your audience so that they stay on your site. Ultimately, when people spend more time on your site and have a good experience, it sends positive signals to search engines — and they’ll rank your content higher in search results. 3. Videos help you earn more backlinks More than 90% of people share videos they’ve watched online.

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Marketing allows you to earn more relevant backlinks Italy Telegram Number to your site content. Since the number and quality of your backlinks impact rankings, this is a huge perk of video marketing for SEO. In fact, 46% of a site’s rank is determined by links. Using the medical technology example again, let’s say that an established medical blog sees your content and wants to write a feature about it.