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[No need to speak, just look at these patterns

And you’ll know you’re Malaysian? ] Netizens left funny comments, even Shopee couldn’t help but join in the fun!
post by Chloe Chan
by Chloe Chan

Jan 29, 2021 Posted at 3:53 AM
Recently , the famous online streaming video viewing platform – Netflix Malaysia started a topic online: Prove to us that you are Malaysian without saying that you are Malaysian.


As soon as Netflix posted this, it immediately attracted all kinds of interesting and funny comments. Not only were they very pertinent, but they were also very funny. Even Shopee couldn’t help but join in the fun!

Below, I have compiled 10 of the most impressive messages for you to enjoy.

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1. When the cashier thanks us, Malaysians don’t say “You’re Welcome”, but still say “Thank you”

(Oh, come to think of it, I usually do this too.)

2. Losing your mom’s Tupperware box is like losing your life

(Don’t scold me, mother… I’ll buy you one as compensation XD)

3. Shopee’s amazing message: Even though the Portugal Phone Number List price of the product is clearly stated, I still have to ask how much it is in Chat

(Also, it clearly says free shipping within Malaysia, but it does not include East Malaysia, Sen 77)

Phone Number List

On the way means I’m not ready yet

(Some are even worse, they Cambodia Phone Number List were just woken up by a phone call XD)

5. The Rendang Chicken was definitely not crispy.

(Hahaha, friends who have forgotten this meme, please click here to recall it)

6. Wear your jacket from the front to be considered Malaysian

(Correct! XD)

7. Do you need to go to the toilet to wash your hands? Don’t bother. Look how convenient I am!


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