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Should you change jobs after the New Year?

First check to see if your reason for quitting is on the list!
post by Chloe Chan
by Chloe Chan

Jan 30, 2021 Posted at 1:15 AM
Special author: Dongfeng

There are less than two weeks until the Chinese New Year. During this period, the question that workers think about most is “Should I change jobs after the New Year?” In fact, the main reason why workers want to change jobs is “the salary is not enough”, of course there are other reasons .

Here I have compiled some reasons for job hopping, you may wish to refer to them before making a decision

Companies you may be interested in

No salary or low salary

This is the first consideration for El-Salvador Phone Number List most workers. When negotiating with your boss, he will just give you various excuses or even tell you that your request is wrong, which will cause an extra burden to the company. If the salary of your current company does not match your ability, you may wish to contact a headhunting company to help you find a company that can pay a salary that matches your ability!

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Lack of opportunities

Opportunities must be fought for, but Brazil Phone Number List first you must have the conditions to fight for them. This requires a self-assessment of yourself to see if you have the conditions, and then make up for your shortcomings. After all, improving your abilities will benefit you in the end.


3. The nature of the job does not match the major

I believe many people have had this experience: they said one thing during the interview, but after working for a while, they found that the nature of the job has deviated. After reporting it to the boss, there is no change. If this is the case, you might want to see if this work experience will allow you to learn new skills. At the same time, you must also consider that if you deviate from your major for too long, it will be difficult to find a job related to your major in the future.


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