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[Must read before changing jobs or quitting your job! ]

The 9 most in-demand occupations in 2021. Dare to apply if you see a suitable one!
post by Chloe Chan
by Chloe Chan

Jan 29, 2021 Post at 2:36 AM
The epidemic has not only greatly chang our lifestyle.But also indirectly affect the demand for different positions in the job market.

LinkIn has analyz the industries and positions with the largest growth in labor demand bas on job openings in 2020. If you are confus and have no idea about your future career development. Then you might as well take a look at the following 9 occupations with the most staff shortages!

 Professionals on the Frontlines of E-commerce

Companies you may be interest in

As the pandemic hit the world and Brazil Phone Number List people were discourag from going out, many e-commerce and online shopping platforms develop faster. From logistics, packaging and other production line personnel to company operations, they are all indispensable roles in a successful e-commerce family.

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Loan & Mortgage Experts


The impact of the epidemic on Australia Phone Number List the economic market has forc many companies to make actions such as layoffs and salary cuts, which has also stimulat the demand for borrowing and mortgage properties among a large number of people. Therefore, talents in loan planning have become an important position that cannot be ignor in the financial industry.

The ongoing epidemic has brought an unprecent workload to frontline personnel. In addition to doctors and nurses, the country’s demand for mical care workers to take care of patients’ health in the long term has also greatly increas.