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SMEs Digital Kit: Guide on aid for digitalization

After the need to recover the economy and promote the growth of the entrepreneurial sector has become evident. Largely to guarantee Kit Guide on the digital maturity of small and medium-sized projects that represent of the Spanish business fabric. The Digital Kit is the name of the Spanish Government’s plan. It consists of a series of digitalization aid created in to promote the digitalization of the country’s companies, and enter a new era of labor management. Thanks to it you can digitize your company’s HR with Factorial for free . With the help of the Digital Kit, companies can get from to euros to allocate to the digitalization of their processes, depending on the size of the organization. The call for this aid is open until, for companies with up to employees and self-employed workers.

What is the Digital Kit for

With the start of the pandemic in , millions of people around the world were forced to comply. With the different restrictions Kit Guide on promoted by governments, to try to stop infections. This brought with it the Fax Lists need to think about innovative and. Digitalizing solutions to continue with daily and work activities. In the people management sector, trends such as teleworking and, later, hybrid work were consolidated. But although they were effective solutions, the truth is that not all companies rose to the occasion. Aid for digitalization in Whether due to lack of resources. Training or basic digital skills, the frenetic pace of business digitalization has. Harmed many organizations in the world and, more specifically, this continues to happen today in Spain.

How does the Digital Kit program work

The Digital Kit program arises from the Recovery. Transformation and Resilience Plan and is described in the SME Digitalization Plan. In turn, this Buy Leads contains the platform , which is, in fact, the one that contains aid for digitalization. The Digitalization Kit is part of an even larger program: the Next Generation European Funds. These arise within the European Union itself and each country. That receives the allocated amounts is free to execute it in the most appropriate way possible. And, at the same time, it has a budget allocation of million euros, of which million euros go to. The first call in March and another million to the second call in September. The objective is to promote the incorporation of solutions and aid for digitalization to optimize procedures for small and medium-sized companies and the self-employed.