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Graduation of the Graphic Design course

Hello, I am Maks Tkachuk, teacher of the graphic design course. It all started with the fact that one person “merged” my contacts to Kateryna Stesenko, and she, in turn, invited me to a meeting and convinced me to start teaching her course. To put it mildly, In other words I was very hesitant. Therefore Graduation of the because for an introvert, communicating with a live audience requires a lot of effort and energy. I wrote and called colleagues who already have such experience. All of them unanimously advised to start conducting the course. For which I am grateful to them now.

Make the program meaningful and orderly

We wanted to make the program meaningful and orderly. So that the presented Phone Number List information was systematic and became a solid foundation for the future development and work of students. Therefore, a large part of the course covers. The history of design, the basics of compositions, Graduation of the as well as typography and typesetting. Therefore It seemed strange to some students at first, probably someone thought that they would be taught Photoshop here.

The group willingly accepted new information for them

I was very worried about whether I would be able to convey all the Buy Leads knowledge I had planned. I was worried about how the audience would perceive me. To my surprise, Above all most of those who signed up for the course were girls, which probably surprised the only guy in the group. We can attribute this to my animal magnetism Students turned out to be quite motivated and ready to receive information. We talked about where design came from. How it developed. Therefore which personalities, companies and schools influenced its development and why it is the way it is now.