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The task is set and fixed

If the employee asks questions and the project manager brushes them off, nothing good will come of it. Let’s imagine the situation: you clearly formulate the task, set an adequate deadline, describe the goals and the desired result.The employee accepts it and disappears. Whether it is being accomplished at all. This makes it impossible to keep track of the project’s progress.

The easiest thing is to ask how things

What to do? are going. Moreover, if there are a lot of “silent” tasks, you must ask your employee. You should not wait until the C Level Contact List subordinate reminds you of himself. If any questions arise, it is necessary to ask them right away. If the subordinate talks abou him. It will be good for the project. If he or she concentrates on one of them.You can use the Eisenhower matrix to determine the order of execution. Strive to have more important and non-urgent tasks.This seems obvious. But problems with the task misunderstanding arise because the performer asks few or no questions. If this is the case, ask the performer to formulate the task as he or she understands it. It is better to solve all doubts at the input, so you can control the intermediate results later.

Then you can work well and without rushing

C Level Contact List

In task managers, tasks with deadlines don’t get lost in a pile of messages like in messengers. Any files and documents in the course of the task are recorded and stored in one place, so they are easy to find and use. The performer understands Buy Leads what and when he or she is needed, and the project manager knows how busy the performer is, and whether it makes sense to assign the task to him or her right now.

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